Grimme GB 215

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Merke Grimme
Modell GB 215
Årsmodell 2019
Ytterligere informasjon
Type: Brukt maskin
Merke: Grimme
Modell: GB 215
Årsmodell: 2019
hektar: 400


Grimme potato planter
3x supply line video system
Extension lines
Track eradicator for ridging discs
Guide plates left/right
Video cable RS232 CCI2
3x camera for laying element and rear
incl 2x original Grimme screens

Grimme front fertilizer spreader
Year of manufacture: 2019
TYPE: FA 200
Without control terminal VC 50
ISOBUS operation
Tilting hopper automatic
Row width 80 cm
Vibrator hydraulic driven
electric row control
slope compensation f. laying elements
Attachment kit liquid pickling 3 nozzles /row
cover device w. serrated discs
spring loaded tines w. grid roller
mounding discs 560 mm
track width 1.80
tires 7.50-20 AS
Camera attachment
section control
Lighting, warning signs
Working lighting
Front fertilizer spreader 2 rows
Row width 80 cm
Support frame for fertilizer
2 hopper bodies for front fertilizer spreader
disc outlet 500 mm
2 x manual sliders
special chain set
automatic speed dependent
pickling plant
2 barrels TS 420 incl. rinsing barrel
pump for barrel system hydraulic from block
crop protection equipment control
track width 1,80 m
depth control over carrying roller 1,60 m wide
depth control w. chain
lighting, warning signs
Working lighting
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