Zunhammer SKE 18,5 PUSS

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Merke Zunhammer
Modell SKE 18,5 PUSS
Årsmodell 2023
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Type: Ny maskin
Merke: Zunhammer
Modell: SKE 18,5 PUSS
Årsmodell: 2023


Zunhammer slurry tanker
ID-No.: A.1.5.293 in the positive list
SKE18,5PU Pump tanker ECO in
basic equipment
tank capacity 18.500 liters with the following
standard equipment:
GRP TANK, yellow heart-shaped with
baffles, angular support,
large wheel bulges, float gauge
front stainless steel.
Filling gate hydraulic double-acting to the
tractor, incl.
Top splash guard. Float top with
ball without sensor,
2 x WORKING LIGHT LED 3100 lumen
incl. mounting -center right/left, aligned to the
aligned to the back
FRAME CHASSIS made of high quality
hollow profile, inside and outside
hot-dip galvanized, DOWN HANGING,
height adjustable drawbar,
bolted HUGGLE towing eye 80mm, drawbar load
4000 kg,
hydraulic support foot foldable ew,
rear underride guard;
TRANSPORT HOLDER for the suction line;
KOTFrontloaderÜGELTandem Alu for 750-30,5 with
roundings front-rear
AIR SPRING STEERING AXLE, adjustable in 10cm
axle track 2225mm, pre-drilled for
tire pressure control system,
brake drum 410x180BPW with
S-cam brake perm.to 40km/h;
both axles with 2x
Mebran brake cylinder,
hydraulic steering lock single acting
to the tractor;
2-line air brake WABCO with
ALB regulator on the float;
SHAFT for tandem axle unit
(without brake shafts)
WHEELS: make as available, not
750/60R30.5 Alliance VF389+ o.
Trelleborg TWIN-RADIAL
ROTARY PISTON PUMP VX260Q with hiflo pistons,
protection plates, quick service,
immediately accessible, capacity: 4,270 liters
at 600 rpm,
transversely mounted slurry pump with
Tank line suction side NW200 incl.
three-way valve,
pneum. pneumatic limit switch automatic or
by push button,
pressure side line integrated in
rear three-way valve NW150 hydraulic
double acting
HANDY-SAUGARM right front NW200
height adjustable per
hydraulic double-acting cylinder, incl.
additional valve
ROTACUT 10.000 with stone catcher box and
folding door,
cutting double-acting with automatic
direction of rotation,
incl. 8" bends and swivel joint for
mobile suction arm
/ 15m
BMEL positive list no.: A.1.2.119
fixed mounted with 2 Exacut, 60 hoses
NW 40mm, distance
25cm, sliding feet with rubber nozzles,
transport position upwards
standing, outside width 2,99m, warning panels
with LED lighting.
Connecting hose with 2x swivel joints
and brass sliders
by hand, universal coupling at the back with
Bauer bucket NW108,
HANGAUSGLEICH Glide-Fix pendulum, centrally
ISOBUS CONTROL for operation and
direct control
from the tractor with display of: cbm/ha
during spreading;
totalization of ha, cbm and hours;
level indicator;
driving speed and power take-off speed comes from
from tractor-ISOBUS;
Terminal to be ordered separately if necessary;
Operating functions:
- Fold boom out-in
- Three-way lever rear open-close-stir
- Additional valve for cell phone suction arm up-down
Prepared for
VAN-Control nutrient measuring system
LOAD-SENSING incl. parking position with
Suction additional left with quick coupler
and brass slider 6" by hand
Width shut-off hydraulic tipping distributor in
half width, optional left/right open
Inclusive additional valve!
Operating control needs one
free space
cardan shaft WW with SB-coupling
for VX 186/184-260
TÜV certificate 40km/h net
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